Andy wanted to develop his riding and as he has only been riding 14 months, wanted to iron out any bad habits.
The skills check revealed body position and looking faults but found a solid push with no faults so I knew the session would really take off.
We began small on the 3 skills drops and then onto the end of the coaching trail to work on drops and carrying speed into corners.
We then moved to the tabletop and gap jump side of it and it was clear Andy had a solid foundation on which I could build.
We worked on a 12ft log booter gap jump and used cornering and pumping to gain speed and pop for the jump. Andy used his mental skills to great effect here and for the rest of the session.

Then we moved onto a learner dirt jump with a steeper take off than the table top and worked on that before adding in a hip jump too where I worked on style in the air. After a few runs we then moved onto an advanced drop and linking it into a 9ft gap step down and into a berm.

We worked on braking areas and carrying speed through sections. I then ramped it up a bit to a larger advanced drop into the same berm and here Andy needed to manage his own speed more effectively into the berm as more speed was gained from the height of the drop.

Lastly Andy then rode everything we had covered again to deeper embed the learning from the session.
I look forward to seeing you again Andy.