We began our session by putting Andy through the skills check where I see what he does on a bike naturally.
I soon discovered that Andy had a couple of missing skills that were easily rectified and I set about this. We moved through un weighting, pumping and the disconnected bunny hop techniques. We moved onto climbing using his new skill set .
Andy really began to build in confidence and his commitment and concentration built throughout the drop technique session and onto the basics of jumping.
Later on in the session we moved onto a trail and began working on cornering and linking all the sections on a trail together smoothly and using the trails energy more than the riders.
Andy’s confidence really grew and grew , he rode the drop section at the end of the trail with ease and the smile never left his face.
After a few smooth runs on that trail we moved onto another one with a tight switchback corner and worked on line choice.
Our session came to a natural end as tiredness began to tell.
Awesome day Andy!