Seb had been on a group session with me last summer and wanted to work on the more free ride end of the mtb scale.
I checked what skills were still present and saw I only needed to work on body positioning and the mental skill set as we moved on through the session.
Starting on the small beginner drops as always I corrected his position in flight so he could begin to move the bike in the air rather than a sat back and stiff flight.

I then got Seb linking drops into corners.
We moved onto the woodwork and repeated the same thing in a different context and the same result occurred.

I worked on each individual section before adding the next.
We covered drops, jumps, step ups, step downs and wooden berms too. Methodically, we linked each one to the next and then rode it end to end with a fluidity and confidence that Seb loved. Finally, Seb rode a laddder drop into a 9ft gap step down into a tight corner so smoothly and he even tweaked the air off the drop too.
Rad session !!