Tony has had coaching before and wanted his children Jess and Antony to also be coached, so after they arrived, I began with the skills check where I discovered that collectively I needed to work on looking, footwork, body position and speed management. After demonstrating what was needed they quickly picked up the techniques. Then we moved on to un-weighting the front wheel where I found Antony had a natural push, and Jess’ needed a bit of work. I also changed their set up and explained why in the process.
Next we moved onto pumping, and in no time at all both Jess and Ant where pumping through the first three sections of the trail without worry, so we quickly moved onto drops. Ant picked it up quickly and was soon riding off the middle drop and landed both wheels together.
We then moved onto the skills trail and started linking bermed corners into rocks, and then into flat corners, and fly outs. Both Jess and Ant where riding this comfortably and Jess wanted to practice the drop technique again, so we went back onto the drops, and before long she was riding the smaller drop and landing both wheels together.
We finished the session by riding the entire pump trail, just as the rain came.
Thanks for a good first session guys.