Anthony came to me for a 2nd skills session after his previous one last year and I began with the skills check. It is awesome to see riders again and that they have worked on the skills I taught them. We wasted no time and moved onto the skills trail to work on braking areas more and then moved onto the pump and jump trail to work on his management of a trails energy via pumping and choosing to jump where appropriate.

It took a while but soon he was connecting to the trail nicely and was getting airtime. We moved onto the new singletrack trail and I broke it into three segments before we linked it together. Steeps roll downs into corners, bus stops, berms, rollers and steep drop offs were all linked together.

For our final application of both the mental and physical skill sets, I moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump. Last time Anthony was squatting the energy out and that prevented him clearing it smoothly. This time he was standing nicely on take off and sailing over it.

 Anthony even rode the gap jump twice too! The heat of the day made mental tiredness accellerate and our session ended to high5’s and a cold beer.
Awesome session.