On meeting Anthony I could see that some of the advice I had given on stw forum he had taken up.
First thing I did was put Anthony through my skills health check and not only discovered the missing skills, but also uncovered some good techniques that once the baggage had been removed from they could flourish. Armed with this information I then set to work on applying the skill set to techniques used in mtbing.
First up was unweighting the front wheel, pumping and the disconnected bunny hop. These were worked on and each skill isolated and worked on hence making the techniques work.
Next up was the drop technique and it was here that Anthonys natural push to unweight was used to great effect and soon he was landing perfectly.
Next we moved onto a trail which I separated into three segments and we worked on each segment and the sections contained within. corners, drops , roll downs and linked sections were worked on and gradually Anthony linked the top 2 segments together and hacked 3 seconds off of his first run time by the end of the session. we then rode the trail from top to bottom and Anthony displayed a fluidity that wasn’t present when we met 4 hours earlier. we ended our session as mental tiredness began to show and we rode back to the cars.
great session !