We began with the skills checks, where i could see she her only main concern was her body positioning. I worked on this, and made some set up changes before moving onto drops. We didnt spent long here, as she quickly demonstarted that she had the correct technique, so after a quick cornering exercise, we moved onto the trail. We spent the next couple of hours working through each section seperatley, and finally linking them all together. The tabletop came next, and i controlled her speed to find the right speed for her in order to be landing perfectly the other side. We worked on steeps, and how maintaining the correct body position helps with this. We then worked on linking steeper roll ins to jumps on a different trail, and eventually linking it up with the drop off at the bottom. We finished on the pump and jump trail, where i had her pumping sections, jumping sections, and thinking about why you would use each one.

Well done today Nat!

Nath (@ukbike_nath)

Tony (@ukbikeskills)