Arni and Fish were waiting for me when I arrived as they beat the traffic as they made their journey across the country. We shared a coffee and chatted about their expectations for the session.

I began with the skills check and set up changes and that made an immediate difference to their control of the trail as it would proved as soon as we applied their corrected skills to various features.

Drops were first up and they were soon landing perfectly from the 3ft drop. I moved to the steep sections as they were going to the alps this coming friday, so I wanted to prepare them as much as possible. I demonstrated various ways of riding a near vertical drop off as well as riding alpine style switchbacks. When it came their turns they were surprised at how simple and controlled everything felt as even the steep switchbacks were manageable.

We moved to cornering and that really hit home with Fish as he felt the grip of his edge much like his snowboard. I demonstrated linking three berms together and then it was their turn . They were riding with confidence born from control.

We took a break and resumed with jumping and developing pop. The 6ft tabletop and then gap jump was used and they were soon sailing into the hertfordshire skies.

I then covered pumping and absorbing sections of trail and they linked the three berms into the line and the large faced jump to finish .

Lastly, we moved to a larger gap, 9ft in fact,  to work on speed and effort to get the distance. After a good few goes it was clear they were tiring mentally and our session came to a close.

rad session, High5!




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