The session began and I discovered with both Ash and John that I needed to work on body position and looking within jumping, dropping and cornering.

We moved onto drops and I played around with their approach speed, to see how they adjusted their effort to match. These where feeling easy now they were both centred on the bike. We moved straight over to tabletops and I added speed for them individually to the point they were both clearing it. It was now down to their mental skills, and the gap jump next to it soon became easy.

We moved up the hill to work on cornering, as every other gap I had to show them involved a corner before or after it. We then practiced this technique using three linked berms.

After lunch. We progressed further with gap jumping. We added the wooden ladder gap which followed the two corners. I quickly worked them through the top section of the trail, to work on tighter corners. We then moved to look at a gap jump that was sandwiched between two corners, and they both sailed it perfectly.

We looked at some steeper terrain, and they understood now the importance of having the correct body position when dropping in both straight and sideways.

Our session ended back over on some north shore. I showed them first how to control the bike should they need to stop. They were soon enough linking long sections of ladder, see saws and wooden ladder drops with gaps, and large wooden banks.

Nice on guys, work on pushing that hand and standing up more.

Nath (@ukbikenath)