Ash and Chris made the journey up from Brighton and arrived on time and fresh for their session.
 The skills check showed me that they needed work on footwork, looking, body positioning and also the mental skills.
We began with the drop technique and their new set up and skills sets paid dividends straight away as they began landing perfectly and easily from all 3 drops.
Onto the skills trail and we began working on linking sections on a trail smoothly via line choice and control areas. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pumping, absorbing, steps, drops and rock gardens. Any errors were soon being self diagnosed as they rode all 14 sections of the trail and knew when it was right and why.
From there we moved to another trail to work on the jump technique as well as developing their absorbing and pumping of trail sections. Soon they were flying and choosing which sections to pump or jump.
For the final application of the skills sets, we worked on carrying speed through 2 linked berms. Mental tiredness really began to show, especially in Chris and our session came to a close.
An awesome session to end another mazing week of coaching.