All met as arranged and after A delayed start we began with the part of my skills check that relates to the jump an drop technique.
It was good to see that they all possessed a natural push to un-weight the front but it was bogged sown by a missing skill from my skill set that I teach.
Once corrected, we moved onto the drops and we applied their new skill set both mentally and physically to this technique.
the riders used these skills to ride the 3 drops and land smooth and perfectly. I then got them to all ride together to replicate riding on a trail to get used to other riders interfering with concentration and vision.
I gave some basic berm riding instruction, We worked on linking drops into berms.

I then moved onto a fly out jump to flat to work on dealing with airtime and the bike heading skywards. In no time at all they were sailing over it and it was time to work on jumping the tabletop.

I controlled their speed and added it gradually until they all cleared the tabletop and some riders began looking at the gap jump side too.

They used their mental skill set to decide and then rolled in and jumped the gap smoothly and confidently.

We then moved onto the pumping trail and used their pumping skills to begin clearing the 9ft tabletop present on it.
After a few runs, mentally they began to tire and the session came to a natural end.
Great day!