Robin came to me wanting to work on his all round riding and confidence whilst riding.
I gave him my commitment for his coaching and set about correcting his set up and identified the missing and also present skills during my skills check. Once corrected I set about showing Robin why it applies to all his riding.
We began with braking control and then onto the 3 drops where Robin applied his natural unweight of the bike that blossomed once I had corrected the fault in it.
He rode all 3 drops smoothly and drama free before we moved onto the skills trail itself.
I broke the trail down and we focused on the sections in it in bite size chunks before moving down the trail and adding it to the previous.
I worked on pumping, pre jumping, rock gardens, steps, drops and fly out jumps, berms, off camber, switchback and flat corners. I worked hard on Robin’s body position, feet and looking in all aspects of his riding and he began riding faster and more fluid as he rode to the vanishing point of the trail.
I worked on drops into corners and worked on line choice there too before finally riding the entire trail end to end. Each run of the trail was getting more controlled and smooth as Robin used both the physical and mental skill set to good effect.
Lastly, I showed how and why the skills applied to jumping tabletops and Robin woke the inner child in him as he sailed over it time and again.

He then confidently and with wonderful commitment , rode the 6ft gap jump too and you could hear him giggling in mid air!
An amazing session ended with a tour of the herts woodwork and a cold beer.