On meeting Barrie and Richard, I put them through my skills check and identified the missing links in their riding. A couple of exercises to begin to correct their looking and footwork followed by raising the front wheel. I made a few set up changes to their contact points and then we moved onto the pumping and disconnected bunny hop techniques.
Next, we worked on climbing using the skill set before moving onto a trail to work on the sections contained within, beginning with cornering.
Gradually we moved our way down the trail linking each section together using the correct braking zones.
Both Richard and Barrie’s cornering came on in leaps and bounds and confidence grew and grew along with the flow.
Finally we worked on the drop technique and applied the skill set, both physical and psychological to the technique and the result was there.
We ended our session as tiredness crept in and I look forward to our continued connection as they work on all the things covered in the session and more.

Great day guys!