They had both stayed locally the night before, and arrived as planned for the session. I started with the skills check as always, where i had to work partly on all the skills with both of them. I explained all the skills required to make up all the techniques, and the importance of having a full set of skills. I also made some set up changes, and explained the importance of doing so. I took them both onto the drops, where i explained the mental side of riding, and demonstrated all three drops before allowing them to have a go. Bass was soon riding the larger drop with ease, experimenting with different speeds, and Amy felt air beneath her wheels for the first time. We moved onto a quick cornering exercise where i worked on their body positioning within turns. I moved them across to the trail, where i slowly worked on linking sections of the trail, applying the techniques we had been through. We rode rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drop offs, and both where riding these sections with more control and comfort than before.
Fun and enjoyable session today guys. Remeber your footwork.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)