Becca came to me after feeling like she suited mtb riding but not knowing why she always felt afraid.
During the skills check i found a great push technique bogged down by a missing skill and also found 2 skills missing in corners.
once corrected we moved onto braking techniques and then onto the drop technique.
In no time at all Becca was riding the drops and landing perfectly and her confidence grew and grew.
next, we moved onto the trail and worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. We linked them into steps, fly outs, pumping, steps and drops.
We spent the next hour or so linking each section to the next. I worked on her fear for steep stuff and soon she was riding a drop and linking it into a drop.

We rode the whole trail end to end before and with each run it became more fluid and faster and controlled.
Great session Becca!