The lads made the trip down from the Malverns to me for an overall skills polish.
Once I had discovered the present and also the missing skills We then began to apply them to techniques.
During the skills check I found that all 3 had an awesome push that was natural but bogged down. Once I had corrected it things really began to take off, quite literally.
We began with drops and I worked heavily with Mike here as he had crashed 18months ago and badly injured himself so I worked on his psychological skills set . In no time at all they were ALL riding the 3 drops and landing correctly.
We next moved onto the skills trail itself and worked on linking the 14 sections that it contains together using the exits and entries as braking areas.
Pumping, flat,bermed,off camber and switchback corners were linked with rock gardens, steps, drops and fly outs on the trail. The end of the trail requires the drop technique and the corner technique to be linked and I worked hard on braking techniques and line choice here.
To end our session I moved them onto the tabletop and the lads all looked sheepishly at it and I could feel the lack in confidence in their ability for jumps.
I demonstrated as always and the simplicity of it struck a chord with them and they all agreed to go through with the technique as they applied the skills to it.
To their surprise they were sailing across the jump and landing on the down slope perfectly, time and time again!
The smiles were beaming across their faces each time they walked back for another run. I ended the session there as mental tiredness began to show.
Great session!