Our session began 9am on a cold but bright morning. I ran them through my skills check and found that they collectively needed work on feet, looking and body positioning. I made some set up changes and showed them why which is important and then we set to work.
 The drop technique was first up and it took not time for them to land perfectly and easier and more comfortably than ever. Their mental skills were used to decide which drops to ride also.
 Onto the skills trail and I broke the trail into the top 6 sections first to allow us to focus. Pumping, rock gardens and 4 corners were now being linked together by their identified control areas.
 We had a coffee break for some hasbean.com coffee and resumed with riding a fly out jump and a corner with a step on the exit and once again I demonstrated and then they followed. Soon they were riding the whole trail and linking berms, steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps, pump bumps, drops, off camber , switchback  and flat turns.

 After a few complete runs and a couple of puncture for Tim, we onto the final application of both skills sets, jumping tabletops. I use a 6ft tabletop with this and we gradually add speed to allow me to work on their skill sets and keep them as safe as possible. Tim grew too tired to continue but Rich and then Ben sailed over the tabletop and both said they never thought they were off the ground!

 After a good few clears by them both I could see that they were cooked mentally and our session ended to some mulled wine to warm us and smiles all round.
Great session