Ben, Roger and Paul came to me upon reading feedback online and had previously been coached by other people too.. on meeting them I ran them through my skills check where I discovered a natural push and what they were missing skills wise.
I changed their set ups and showed them why, which is so important.
The first technique I covered was the drop technique and in no time at all they were flying off of all 3 drops.
Next, I showed how and why their push is be used to get over fallen trees etc using a dis connected bunny hop.
I moved them onto the trail shortly after and we worked on linking the 14 sections present on the trail together using the correct braking areas.
I covered pumping, rock gardens, steps, fly outs and drops. We linked them to flat switchback, off camber and bermed corners. Methodically, we worked our way down the trail and soon we were riding the entire trail end to end and the flow and speed was there to see.

I worked hard on linking their new found drop technique to their new found cornering technique. It was awesome to see them ride it with such control.
I later moved onto jumping tabletops.
Once again they applied their push with the missing skill corrected to this technique and to their amazement , they all sailed over it time and again.
Paul even rode and styled the gap jump too!
Great session.