Ben had a mountain bike coaching session with Nathan this time last year and wanted to build on the foundation that his session with Nathan had made for him. I could tell in the skills check that he had been working hard in embedding his skills over the last year so the session was based on developing his mental skills. Ben wanted to work on his judgement for effort and speed on jumps and drops, especially when there is a gap involved. So I set to work. We warmed up in the familiar drops and applied the techniques that we at Ukbikeskills teach, and I was even able to show him why his skills set allows him to move the bike in the air comfortably too. From there, we moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump, and upon clearing it as he did in his session with nathan in his session last year, I then began to develop his judgement for effort and distance as I sped him

Up and slowed him down, he began naturally adjusting. We took a break for coffee, along with Nathan and his friend Carlos, who Nathan was coaching at the same time, and when we resumed, we began working in his fluidity through linked berms, and he got faster and faster, and was loving the big jump at the end. Now it was time to turn the heat up slightly, and after two berms there is a 7ft gap jump, which last year, was right in Bens limit, and after working on his turns, he found he had the speed, as well as a full set of mental

Skills, to ride it over and over again. I then demonstrated a 9ft gap jump which is sandwiched between two corners, and I did this twice at two different speeds, to show the difference in effort. Ben must have rode this gap 20 times, and was afterwards linking it with the whole pump and jump trail, the 7ft gap he rode earlier and this gap in a line. We then worked on steeper terrain, and the different ways of riding near verticals drop offs, before moving on learn how to gain speed from a trail without using rider

Effort, and gain speed through each section. After a couple more runs down over the gap jumps, Ben called an end to the session as he could feel he was mentally

Tired, and our session finished there and then.


Awesome improvement Ben, high 5!


Tony (@ukbikeskills)


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