Steve made his way down from derby shire and stayed in a recommended bed and breakfast over night before arriving for his skills session on time and raring to go.
The skills check showed I needed to work on footwork and body positioning and once corrected, I was able to work on the mental skills too.
 The drop technique was first and that was followed by the jump technique and Steve remarked at how simple and easy it all felt. The 6ft tabletop sailed beneath him with control ad simplicity.
We took a break and resumed with berm riding and soon, Steve was linking three berms together and knowing when his footwork was correct or not as he could feel the acceleration when correct.
We worked on riding steep drop offs and the variations ways they can be ridden and after demonstration fro  myself , Steve followed and it blew him away.
We worked on pumping and maintain , gaining speed through a trail and when to jump or absorb. It was so awesome to see the development throughout the session as Steve’s Physical skill set became more of an unconscious action and he was riding faster and smoother than ever before.
Let me know how the riding goes dude. High5!