I coached Steve last year and this time he returned to advance his own riding but also brought Janet, Simon and Dan along with him to share the session. I began with the skills check and found some great habits, covered up by missing skills. I made a set up change here too and then it was just a case of applying the physical skills in techniques out on the trails. Oh and did I mention the mental skills needed a tweak too!
I demonstrated the drop technique and they quickly moved through all 3 drops and even began styling it too. Next I worked on linking drops and corners and the required control areas and line choice. The 6ft tabletop and gap followed and they all rode the gap jump slower than they thought possible and styled it in some cases also.
We took a break and it wasn’t long before they were riding the pump and jump trail and choosing when and why to jump or pump and linked the 2 berms at the end to carry enough speed to all ride the 7ft ladder gap after it. I worked on manuals and why this applies in situations on a trail too. They were all buzzing so I moved them on to the 9ft gap. Now they applied their mental skills and  they lads all rode it one by one followed by Janet, who was cautious at first but once she sorted her approach and line she sailed it. They then all started riding it in a line from the top of the hill, linking all sections above and even the ladder drop was rode by Steve and Simon before ending in the 9ft gap.
They were now mentally tiring fast but not before I had demonstrated the 12ft tree gap jump to which Janet declined due to tiredness and the lads all rode with amazement written all over their faces.
 What a session to end an amazing week of ukbikeskills coaching.