Michael, Dudley and Justin have been friends for years and wanted to have a private mountain bike coaching session with myself. I could tell when we met that we’d get on just fine as they explained the areas they wanted to work on in their riding. The skills check showed me they had footwork, looking and body positioning faults and once corrected, I just needed to work on their mental skills. During the session we worked on steeps as well as four ways of riding annear vert drop off, we worked on drops, one of the wants of Justin before working on their jumping and pumping, oh and did I mention cornering as well? We worked hard on their cornering and they were blown away at the grip and control they felt. Dudley and Michael wanted to ride gap jumps too so we worked on that also. The session seemed to fly by as gaps of 5ft, 6ft and 9ft were all ridden easily. Tiredness meant the session was coming to an end but they all felt it and were happy to end the session with a pint in the local.

Fantastic end to a brilliant week of mountain bike coaching





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