On meeting the boys, I as always put them through my skills check where I discovered they all were missing looking in cornering and needed a bit of work on body position but possessed a natural push bogged down by the lack of one skill. Once corrected, we moved onto the drop technique where I matched their natural push to a given speed and they began landing perfectly.
We moved onto the trail where I worked on applying their skills to various techniques and sections. I worked on pumping. Flat, switchback, off camber and bermed corners. steps, jumps, rock gardens and drops. Methodically we linked each section to the next using the correct braking areas. I worked on linking drops into corners before linking the whole trail together and with each complete run of the trail they began to really flow.
The final technique I covered was the tabletop jump. Andy was too mentally tired to continue so sat it out and the other 3 used their push to all sail over the tabletop and also the 6ft gap jump too!
Awesome session and a pleasure to coach.