Brett came to me on recommendation from his brother Rafe, whom I coached a while back. We began as ever with my skills check and found 50% footwork but also missing looking and body positioning skills.
I made some set up changes and went straight to the drop sections to apply both the physical and mental skills that I teach. Brett’s new body position made drops far easier than ever for him and he rode all 3 now with ease.

We moved onto  the skills trail and over the following 2 hours we worked on linking the 14 sections contained in it together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to pump sections, fly out jumps, steps, rock gardens and drops. Each was linked to the next by the correct braking areas. Every run of the complete trail saw Brett faster and  smoother and any errors corrected.

 We moved from there to the 6ft tabletop so I could teach Brett to jump. It never took him long to sail over it so we moved onto the pump and jump trail so we could work on linking the technique so he could choose to pump or jump sections on a trail.

For our final part of the session, I showed why his new skills set made drop off and linking drop offs into corners easier.
 What an amazing session and very progressive too.
High5 Brett!