What a session this turned out to be. Paul came to me for coaching 3 years ago and the fact he never rode the 6ft gap next to the tabletop back then had bugged him ever since. He returned to further his riding and to share the session with his work mate Andy. The skills check showed me body position and looking errors and i knew I’d have to work on their mental skills questions too.
We began with the drop technique and quickly moved on to cornering using 2 berms that they linked together well. From there we moved to the top half of the skills trail to apply their skills through multiple sections. We took a coffee break and resumed with linking drops into berms and with braking and line choice corrections, they were flying through it.
We moved to riding steeper terrain and a near vertical drop off and using both mental skills and their enhanced body positioning they rode it easily and confidently.
Now came time to go the the 6ft tabletop and gap jump and it was here that Andy got to grips with it first and was even styling it over the gap but in time, Paul answered his mental skills questions positively to ride his first ever gap jump and after a good few clears he was buzzing and they were keen to move on but i also knew they were tiring. I moved them back to the trail with the 2 berms from earlier in the session and this time they sailed down the trail, jumping when they chose and linked the 2 berms together once more but now rode the 7ft ladder gap jump after them with ease . a few more runs saw them declare mental tiredness and an awesome session came to a close.