Tony returned today as he wanted to build his confidence more within all of the aspects of his riding. I took him straight to drops, and worked on bringing out the amount of effort he puts in. This allowed him to approach the drops at a variety of different speeds, and still land perfectly.

We moved straight onto the tabletop, and again, once I had him over the gap jump, I started to reduce his speed so he could use his effort to get the same result.

We moved on and I wanted to see how his cornering technique was. Only a small body position correction was required, and he could feel this as he experimented with the top section of the trail. He also rode the drop Into the corner at the bottom of the trail, controlling his speed and making the turn perfectly, and area in which he said he was struggling.

Over to the quarry, I showed him rolling in steeper sections linked with corners, and had him exaggerate his technique to flow through this section. I also demonstrated dropping in sideways, and showed him when this technique would be used on a trail.

I then took him back to three linked berms. He flowed round these nicely, flying off the larger tabletop which followed as well. He had ridden the 7ft gap jump which followed the second corner last time, but now he was able to approach with less speed, and clear the gap with ease.

Finally came the 9ft gap jump in the trees. He had previously been shown this gap and not ridden it, but after I had showed him, he had enough confidence to fly over this gap, landing beautifully on the down slope. To finish off he linked this with the 7ft gap jump he had previously ridden, and the entire pump and jump trail.

Great session tone! See you again soon mate!