Del came to us for a mountain bike skills session as he wanted to build his confidence within jumping mainly. I discovered during the skills checks that body position and looking was his main issue, as well as a bit of footwork. We moved over to the drop technique, where I worked on the amount of effort he had to put into his unweight, when given a variety of speeds, and then used this in order to jump the table top next to it, with next to no speed. He rode the gap jump here as well.

We worked on cornering, first using the hillside, so he could practice the technique without being defined by a trail, and once he had it and was comfortable, we moved onto linking three linked berms together. We now looked at linking these two techniques together, linking drops into corners. Del had to work on controlling his speed between two sections in order to link the two together. I then showed him the top half of the trail, with tighter turns, where he really had to think about his cornering, and by this time, he was really comfortable with it and commented on how it was beginning to feel natural.

We went back to the linked berms, but this time added the wooden gap jump which followed the second one. Del was buzzing, so I moved him straight on to the larger gap jump in the trees, which is part of a linked section, meaning Del had to corner properly and then straighten up ready to unweight. Once he had ridden this, I got him to link these two gaps together.

I could see he was tiring, but I wanted to show him steeper terrain, and how having your weight centred changes the way we ride. He was soon rolling in straight, sideways, and to finish off, jumping off the steeper roll in.

Nice one Del. Keep that head up, and your weight where I showed you.

Nath (@ukbikenath)