We started of the session with the skills check where I discovered that Tracey had a natural push, and I just needed to work on looking. So I worked on this before moving onto the drop technique. We quickly moved onto the drops, where I explained the four mental skills, and Tracey was quickly landing perfectly of the middle, and soon, larger drop. I then showed her a quick cornering exercise where I let her feel how much grip can be gained by maintaining a good body position, and having good footwork. We then moved onto a drop into a corner where she practiced this new found technique, and before long, was going round the corner with speed. I then began to work on the rest of the trail, corners, fly outs, steps and drops, missing out the rock garden for the moment, as Tracey had a physiological fear against them. I kept showing Tracey the rocks while we worked on the rest of the trail, so by the time we got back to the rocks, Tracey rode them smoothly and managed to link them with the rest of the trail. The session finished with the tabletop where I found Tracey had a fear with speed, which I worked on, and soon she was landing perfectly on the landing of the 6ft tabletop. The session came to an end due to mental tiredness, and we both had a big smile on our faces. Great session Tracey!