Jo came to me on recommendation from the tunnel hill trolls of whom I have coached a few of.
On meeting we chatted over a coffee and I explained the outline for our session and set to work.
The skills check showed me Jo had perfect footwork in corners but lacked looking and body position and also that she possessed a natural unweight of the front wheel that was held back by a missing skill. I adjusted her bike set up and the effect was immediate and Jo could feel it straight away.
We moved onto the drop technique and Jo performed the technique faultlessly and used her mental skill set to great effect.

After a while we moved onto the skills trail and I began work on the pump technique and harnessing the energy gained. Jo then used this to ride the following flat, bermed and switchback corners and even added in the rock garden. I moved us along the trail and I showed why her skills applied to jumping up fly out slopes and riding steps before linking all 9 sections together.

I then moved us down to the end of the trail and I worked on the common fear of rolling down steep slopes and having to deal with a corner too. I worked on line choice here also and before long, Jo was riding the entire trail end to end. Each complete run of the trail was faster and smoother than the previous one and Jo smile grew and grew.

I moved us onto the pumping trail and worked on developing the pump technique and worked on Jo’s timing during this technique before mental tiredness showed and our session ended .
What a session Jo!