I met Bryan, Jon and Caroline as arranged and straight away we went through the skills health check where I identify the missing skills in each rider and then begin to install the missing ones.
After unweighting we moved onto pumping and after a while each of them were demonstrating the technique to me so much so that they all went further as a group than any other group I have coached so far and Jon bettered the mark of Andy earlier in the day on my previous session.
We moved onto the drop technique and slowly the riders began building their mental skills and confidence grew.
we then applied the skills to the climbing technique before moving onto a trail and working on among other things, cornering.
I broke the trail into 3 segments, working on each section in that before moving down to the next segment and so on before linking all the sections together.
Caroline took a while to get comfortable linking corners together but soon grew in confidence and began flowing between each and braking in the correct places.
both Bryan and Jon showed good section control too and linked all sections together including the drop at the trails end.
Our day ended after tiredness began to creep in.
Awesome riding 🙂