I coached Alan on a public session in August and he booked a one to one to cement the skills further and hopefully move his riding on as he’d only began riding mtb in June.
 We began with drops and then moved to the 6ft tabletop and gap jump to work on effort for distance/speed and how saddle height restricts the rider. We then worked on cornering and moved to the singletrack to apply the mental and physical skills to linking the 14 sections contained within. Line choice was worked on as well as braking technique too.
 We took a break and resumed on another trail. We worked on developing speed through multiple berms and also pumping and jumping sections on the trail.
 Alan said he struggled with flat drops to steep landings , so i moved to the woodwork to work on this. Control of the environment is paramount here so I showed him how to control any wobbles and why to dismount in a certain way before working on first a 3 ft high ladder drop, then 6ft then 7ft. all ridden smoothly and trouble free.
Our session ended after a few top to bottom runs of a line containing berms, multiple jumps as well as 7ft and 9ft gap jumps and a ladder drop too.
 Amazing progression in such a short time.