Owen contacted me on recommendation from his fellow riders from a website. It was clear from the outset that Owen could ride a bike physically but mentally he struggled. My job was clear, show Owen what he had and then build his belief in his own ability.
We began with unweighting, pumping and the dis connected bunny hop. These techniques were easily completed by Owen, and earlier than usual the mental skills began to flourish. Next came the drop technique and Owen explained he was ok on drops of 1ft but with some polishing on his looking skill he was flying effortlessly through the air, things were really looking up!
Owen said he would really love to overcome his fear of jumping and this we did in a very short space of time and he was flying and landing so smoothly.

after jumping we moved onto a trail and worked on cornering and linking sections on a trail together using the trails energy not the riders. Section after section was linked together and even the large drop section at the end was smoothly and confidently tackled. Owen had a few runs of the entire trail before we moved on to our final trail. This trail is steeper and more loose than the previous and here we worked on his mental barriers of riding steep sections and an even larger drop section.
By the end of our session Owen was a picture of confidence and I knew our time was very well spent.
I really look forward to your feedback and riding progress Owen!