This was Charlie’s 2nd session and it was important to see what went in from the 1st session before we moved on. Charlie was comfy riding out to his feet but needed expanding on to riding out and away on pedals. We worked on dropping in and un weighting the rear wheel over the coping so as not to hang up. In the bowl, Charlie was more comfortable pumping around and riding out so it came time to get him to un weight the front wheel and begin to jump.
Confidence in Charlie needed lifting from the go but slowly and controlled we started on a very small jump and got his front wheel to raise before the rear wheel followed once we added speed into the mix.We then moved onto the resi ramp and slowly added speed on the larger ramp to enable Charlei to get air bourne safely and comfortably.
Before we ended the session as Charlie became tired we worked on fakies with him as this is a trick he really wants to nail and we know he will by the time we meet again!