Dave came to me having attended previous coaching courses from other providers. I did the skills health check as always and saw we needed to work on the looking onto the “next”. The check also showed me that Dave pulls the bars towards him to unweight the front wheel so I set out to correct this.
We worked on pumping , by the end of that , Dave was usuing every dip and bump on the trail for speed. We moved onto the drop and jump technique and Dave very quickly got to grips with it. We then moved onto a trail which I broke into coachable sections, beginning with corners.
Very quickly I realised that Dave is a very Kinetic learner so I coached him on the feel/feedback the trail gives and he made fast progress in linking the sections together, including the drop sections that were larger than the previous coached ones but were “just another section”. We ended the dayon a trail with a gap jump at the end. Dave was ready both physically and mentally fopr this section but tiredness was beginning to show and I called the end to our session.
Work on your skills Dave and keep me informed of your future progress!