John came down from the Wirral and wanted to build confidence on drops and develop commitment to linking them into corners.
After the skills check I discovered what he was missing and also what was already present but bogged down by a bad habit. Once corrected we moved on and the session became quite something.
As always I began with the drop technique and John used his natural push here and to his amazement, landed perfectly. He commented on the set up changes I had made really felt quite natural and positive.
In no time at all he had ridden and landed smoothly on all of the drops.
Next we moved onto the coaching trail itself and I began working on flat, off camber, berm and switchback corners as well as steps, rocks, flyouts and pumping.
I worked on his trail energy management and the speed manual, he was stunned how fast he could accelerate from such a small mound on the trail.
We moved down the trail and linked each section to the next using the correct braking areas and the flow was really starting to happen. At the end of the trail, the end segment requires the rider to corner into a drop, then into another corner. This represented John fears and using his mental skill set that I gave him he rode the small drop option first before confidently riding the large one.

We rode the trail end to end and it was noticeable how fluid and confident John had become in his riding ability and it was a joy to ride it with him.
After a few runs we moved onto jumping.
Here I managed his speed as he focused on the remaining skills and sailed over the tabletop.
John then began riding the gap jump just as committed and confidently.

We ended our session with smiles all round.
Great session John!