Add ImageAs always, I began the session by seeing what the rider does naturally on their bike. This allows me to see immediately what areas to work on and in Roberts case it was his footwork and looking into the next that needed work.
After spending a long time working on his body positioning I managed to break his habit of always pulling the bars up to raise the front wheel and we moved onto the pumping technique. Robert got to grips with this very quickly and the time spent earlier on the unweighting the front wheel was time well spent. I then moved onto the drop technique and here is where I needed to build Roberts mental skills slowly. Gradually I got Robert to add speed and soon he was getting to grips with the technique. We moved over then to work on cornering and linking sections together. Robert took sometime to get his footwork right but with a few little mental tweaks I soon had him riding more controlled and flowing down the trail.
I noticed that Rob was getting tired and it wasn’t soon after that he declared himself too knackered to continue, so we rode back to the car park just a few minutes short of 4hours.
Great session of gently built progression.