Kevin came to me from Wales and expalined that he lacked confidence when riding. After the skills check i found that he had physical areas to develop but that his mental skills were in need of development too.
I found he looked down all the time and lacked any footwork so I set about correcting these.
We began with un weighting and pumping the trail. In a very short time I found that Kevin naturally pushed his bike to un weight it but had a tendency to pull immediately after. I set about removing the un wanted pull and Kevin’s front wheel raised with ease, so much so that he was comfortably un weighting the wheel over a fallen tree!
From there we moved onto the drop technique and Kevin applied the push and soon got his wheels off the ground and the smile grew across his face.
Now it was time to move onto a trail which we broke down into nine sections and methodically we rode each section, identified the exits and entries and where we could brake. Cornering was worked on hard and Kev was really starting to flow down the trail. section after section was knitted together. We ended our session after a few complete runs of the trail and as tiredness crept in.
Great session Kev!