Luke came to me via recommendation from his riding buddy Gordon. On meeting, we chatted of his aspirations for the session and that he cannot bunnyhop, jump etc, but this was going to change! The skills check revealed footwork, looking and body position faults and I set to work installing both physical and mental skill sets.
 We began with drops and Luke quickly rode all 3 drops and commented on how undramatic it now felt and how he doesn’t feel any airtime. Over and over again he landed perfectly and smoothly before we moved on to the top half of the skills trail. Pumping, absorbing , rock gardens and 4 different corners were worked on and linked together before we had a welcome break for coffee.
 We resumed with bunnyhops and he said he’d never been able to get the rear wheel off the ground by scooping. I laughed at the scoop your feet analogy and demonstrated the correct way and to Luke’s amazement he got the rear wheel in the air. We then rode over various sized stumps on the ground and the smile beamed across he face.
 Back to the skills trail and it wasn’t long before Luke was linking the whole trail together and riding faster and smoother than ever.
From there we moved to riding steep drop offs and the required application of the skills set and this blew him away as it was far less dramatic than his old sit right back technique of old.
We worked on riding steep drop offs into corners and when it was right he knew why too.
We finished our session on the pump and jump trail where we worked at gaining speed through absorbing and pumping multiple sections of a trail and carrying that speed through linked corners.
What a session that was.