Carl and Mark came to for mountain bike coaching and a windy day greeted us but didn’t deter us at all. The skills check showed footwork, looking ad body positioning needed work and that would leave the mental skills to work on later. I began with getting air from drops. They looked surprised at this ┬ábut soon they were riding all three drops with ease, applying their new mental skills along the way.

Onto cornering and they were able to dig into their skiing experiences and that helped them big time. Soon they were linking three berms together smoothly and faster than ever. We took a break and resumed with riding steeper terrain and Carl learned that you cannot force the mental skills and a wash out mid section proved that point. Errors were however self diagnosed and we continued with riding and linking sections of singletrack together. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked with pumping, rocks, steps, drop offs and absorbing sections. Line choices and braking areas were identified and used. They were riding the trail end to end together and were now way faster than ever and smooth too.

We ended the session when tiredness and mental fatigue began to appear but not before they were pumping and absorbing multiple sections of trail and flying through the three berms we began with.




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