I coached Carl on a public singletrack session and he wanted a private booking and for his mate Stu joined him. On arrival we chilled out with coffee and chatted of their aspirations for the session. I began with the skills check and found I had to work on looking , body position and speed management so I set to work. I changed their set ups and off we went to apply both mental and physical skills to the drop technique and they rode all 3 with absolute ease. 

We moved to the skills trail and began working on flow and smoothness along a trail. Pumping, steps, drops, rock gardens and fly out jumps were linked to flat, bermed, off camber and switch back corners. I worked hard on line choice and braking and soon they were riding the whole trail end to end and any errors were self identified.

We had a break and when we resumed they rode the trail a few more times and then i moved them onto our next technique, jumping tabletops. Using a 6ft tabletop I demonstrated and then they followed. in a few small steps they sailed over the jump as if it wasn’t there and then used their mental skills to decide to ride the 6ft gap jump too!

For our final task, we moved onto riding down steeps and using their new body positions they rode it easily and confidently. Our session ended soon after to a riding demonstraion of the skill set I teach in use in my own riidng and we celebrated the session with a cold beer each.