Carl contacted us at ukbikeskills wanting to work on his descending for his xc racing as he always looses time on other riders when it gets technical. We began with the skills check and I found body position predominantly followed by his  looking skills needed work. I was also able to work on the mental skills too. 
 we moved to the dro technique to apply the skills sets we teach to that technique and soon he was landing perfectly and more importantly, he knew why. I worked on corning on the hillside before moving to the singletrack skills trail to work on Carl’s application of his new skills to the sections contained in the trail and also his fluidity when linking them up. Flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns were linked to drop offs, rock gardens, pumping, steps, upslopes  and drops. We worked on  control zones and line choice and it wasn’t long before he was linking the whole trail end to end.
 We moved to riding steeper terrain and his personal fear of very steep drop offs and he used both skills sets to ride them and it was awesome to watch his fears being overcome.
I demonstrated everything first including riding alpine style switchbacks. We experimented with the effect of seat post height when pumping and absorbing sections of a trail and we linked three berms together smoothly and in turn, fast! Overall, a brilliant session with small adjustments making large improvements in both speed and control. Let me know how the racing goes Carl.