Catherine always felt jumping in and riding trail centers with her riding mates was a bit beyond her and she always felt at best, uncomfortable riding them. Catherine contacted myself wanting to work on both mental and physical aspects of her riding and I was able to draw on her triathlon and snowboarding experiences to assist me too.

Cather said she walked around berms previously, so I began with cornering and soon she was making the attachments to snowboarding as she carved her way down a hil. We moved to berms and pumping undulations on a trail. Two hours into the session and Catherine said she has never ever been through turns as fast as today.

We worked on getting her wheels into the air and once gain, she used her snowboarding pop and it all felt familiar to her.

We covered linking berms together, drops, drop offs and riding steep terrain using her new physical skills set.

What a cracking way to end a brilliant year of coaching for myself and Nathan at ukbikeskills.




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