I used my day off today to ride with my mate Cav. He was my idol as a kid on a bmx and we met a few years ago through my local bike shop www.marshallscycles.com .
He has been a member at Herts for a few years but only watched the riding and never felt he could ride the woodwork. Today I changed his mind set and he rode the woodwork for the first time and he was buzzing like crazy!
Earlier in the week, we went to Adrenalin alley in Corby to get him back on a bmx for the 1st time in 28 years! Today was a cherry on the top for me.

I taught him how to get off the woodwork and bail if he felt the need on a ladder less than a foot up before moving him onto the higher stuff where suddenly, armed with the ability to control his balance he rode along and dropped off the ladder onto the transition perfectly, hitting the wooden berm after it too. We rode a couple of drops before riding the 9ft gap jump too.
Curry next to celebrate tonight with Cav and the boys.