I have coached Dave’s Dad last year and he was keen to attend a session himself. On arrival at the skills area, I ran him through my skills check and adjusted his set up accordingly before working on the missing skills in his riding. Dave needed work on his looking and body positioning in all areas.
We moved to drops and the change in body position and looking made an immediate effect on his riding and I was even able to get him to begin styling it too.

We moved onto the skills trail and worked on linking the 14 sections contained within it together using the correct braking areas. I worked on pumping and really getting his lower half in on the act and we used the gained speed to rail the next corner. This theme continued along the trail as we methodically worked our way along the trail.

I worked hard on line choice, particularly when linking corners and drops and soon Dave was flying along the trail. Each complete run was smoother and faster than the previous and Dave commented on it feeling slower somehow.
I moved us onto the 6ft tabletop and gap jump side next and in a few runs Dave was sailing over both the tabletop and gap and once again making it look good!

Finally, I moved us onto my pump and jump trail and worked on pumping to gain enough energy to be able to jump or pump any section. The trail ends with a 180 degree return berm and soon Dave was pumping 2 sections, jumping the next 9ft tabletop, pumping the next 3 sections and jumping the step up. Run after run Dave’s connection to the trail got better and better as his timing got better.

Dave rode it end to end a good few times before mental fatigue began to creep in and I called an end to the session in just under 5 hours.
Amazing improvements Dave and keep me informed of the progress.