When Nick contacted us at ukbikeskills back in March he said he wanted to work on his cornering as well as bunnyhopping and booked today to discover why he wasn’t bale to do such things.

The skills check showed body positioning and looking errors and I made a simple set up change. Nick felt the difference straight away and was surprised when I said we’d be starting with bunnyhops. Boom! he found it simpler than ever and the bmx boy of old returned to doing what was buried beneath years of mis advice and poor positioning.

We worked on his weaker left sided cornering and soon he was railing through berms faster than ever before. I don’t have a strict plan to my mountain bike coaching and keep this as reactive as possible so we worked on pumping and keep speed on the trail before a welcome coffee break.

We resumed with applying both mental and physical skills sets to the drop technique. Nick was blown away at how simple it felt and he now knew why too. The 3ft drop proved no issue.

Next up was jumping tabletops, something he had never done before but soon he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop with ease. I demonstrated riding steep drop offs and linking drop offs into corners. Nick applied his mental skills to decide what to ride or not too throughout the session.

He was linking 14 sections of the singletrack trail together and was flowing smoothly rather than slamming his brakes on mid turn.

Our session ended after a good few runs of the pump and jump trail to round off an awesome session and brilliant week of coaching at ukbikeskills



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