Jason came to me and Has had coaching from different companies over the years before coming to me. The skills check revealed the missing skills and I could see that I was looking at a tidy rider that was held back by the psychological side of his riding. I adapted his set up and moved onto the 3 drops so I could focus on the skill set and the application of the push.
Jason had no trouble at all but needed a body position corrected before I then worked on style in the air.
From there, We moved onto linking drops into corners. Line choice and looking were really worked on and soon he was flying though the sections.
I then showed him the entire skills trail and he rode it faster and faster each run.
I worked hard on his looking and body position in corners and it was really paying off.

I moved the focus onto jumping tabletops and Jason’s fear of gaps. In no time at all, Jason was clearing the tabletop and also rode the 6ft gap jump with ease and his whole attitude to his own riding began to blossom.
I moved onto the woodwork to work on peripheral fear and We began working on drops with gaps. Jason rode it so easily and then used his new cornering by riding the wooden berm that linked to it.

The surprise at the ease of his riding was written all over his face. After a few runs it was time to move onto another advanced drop and once again Jason rode it 1st go and with control.
The final section we worked on was the 9ft gap jump and Jason confidently rode it and even linked the previous drop into it too!

After riding the gap and linking the berm after it a few times, mental tiredness crept in and the session came to an end to a well deserved cold beer.
Great session!