Alex arrived wanting to get better overall and hopefully be able to ride drops and jumps he said. I saw on arrival that I needed to drastically change his set up and found he was missing body positioning and looking in his physical skills set and I knew I needed to work on the mental skills too. The set up change felt natural to him immediately and off we went to apply his new skills to techniques .
 Drops were first and he was amazed at how simple it was and his old get the weight back didn’t work and felt out of control but now he felt in total control and the smile that appeared, never left his face.
We worked on linking drops into corners as well as riding down drop offs as opposed to getting air from them. Steeper terrain now felt control-able and simple and a near vertical drop off proved no issue .
 We linked a step up jump to corners, steps and drops and Alex was riding with control-able speed and confidence blossomed.
 We moved to jumping tabletops and the 6ft tabletop. Alex has never jumped before but was now sailing over the jump with shouts of joy and feeling in control at all times. He used his mental skills to ride the 6ft gap jump too! Our session ended after a few runs of linking pumping, absorbs, jumps and berms together as mental tiredness got the better of him. Alex, it was a pleasure to be in your company.