Charlie came to a packed skatepark and we needed to reinforce the things we covered before. After doing so, we gradually pushed on into other techniques. We went through pumping around the bowl and riding back out and Charlie was fine doing this, it was riding or pegging in that he had barriers doing so we brought him away before it became an issue. We worked on dropping in by footing in, which he was ok doing on the smaller quarters but not in the bowl.
Charlie wanted to learn some very complicated tricks but needed to work on the basics first.
We worked on un weighting the front and the rear wheels. We applied this to manuals, kickturns and to the rear peg grind techniques which charlie worked hard at and nailed. Gradually Charlie became more confident and committed more to the techniques.
He nailed the rear peg grind over 20 times and was turning on a ramp that he previously couldn’t, confidently. sore hands brought our session to an end and i’m looking forward to hearing the news of how the manualls have progressed!
high5 charlie!