Barnaby, Ben, Matt, Cal and Ben arrived from Cheltenham as arranged and we began with the skills check.
They wanted to push their boundaries of their riding and although each was different in their riding experience I was able to work on them collectively and easily.
Body position and looking were the physical skills i worked on and i knew the mental skills would be needed too.
 Drops were first and they were all riding the 3ft drop in a short space of time and some even began to style it too. I used 2 different trails for the majority of the session so I could work on applying the skills sets to as many different scenarios as possible. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns, drops, jumps, rocks, drop offs, steps and we came across these sections on both trails. Near vertcial drop offs were no issue and they all rode down it using both ways I demoed.
I taught them to style and move the bike in the air from hip jumps and straight drops and jumps too.
Tabletops proved no issue, nor did the 6ft gap jump either.
Now the session was coming to a close but not before we worked on more advanced pumping and choosing when to jump on linked sections and they cornered through 2 berms and choose to jump the 7ft ladder gap jump or not  by applying their mental skills, not by applying balls!
Ben k also rode the 9ft ladder gap with ease a good few times. Over 5 and a half hours since we began and our session ended as mentally they were shot. Great riding guys and enjoy the curry tonight.