When the riders arrived I explained the outline for the day and that as always it is a re-active day and that the direction of the day depends on the individuals.
After the skills health check , we went onto the pumping technique and then onto the drop technique. John was a natural.
One of Simon’s skills we needed to work on in cornering was “looking next”
Dan was really starting to flow down the trail, stitching the setions together.
Stu was really showing amazing progress, especially as he has only been riding 3 months!

Mark was flying down the trails. His footwork and looking next was really prevalent!
Barnaby was a previous attendant on agroup course and came back to cement his cornering and was really getting to grips with it all. We ended the day in the pub talking about the days events over chips and a pint.
Overall, everyone progressed loads in their “own” riding and left with a new skill set and ethos to riding.